The Institution of Islamic Education in The Era of Harun Al-Rasyid

  • Laily Nur Arifa UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang


The rule of Harun Al-Rashid is known as the Islamic Golden Age. In this era, Islam experienced a vast development in economy, politics, social, and even education. The most prominent contribution Harun Al-Rashid made, which brought his name to become famous, was his deep interest and concern for Islamic knowledge and civilization to a degree that had never been accomplished before. In education, Harun Al-Rashid is known for the legendary library Bayt al-Hikmah, the biggest of its type in his era. Besides this phenomenal achievement, other institutions built and supported the educational field during Harun Al-Rashid's rule. These institutions were funded by the government; furthermore, the methods applied were quite interesting for the current modern life. Therefore, it can be concluded that Islamic education institution experienced a vast development during the ruling of Harun Al-Rashid compared to previous phases. The achievement was due to an experienced leader with a deep interest in religious matters.

Keywords: Educational institution, Abbasiyah, Harun ar-Rasyid


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